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May 18th  | Thursday | Canal Street Nights | Canal St | NSB, Fl | 6pm -8pm
May 21st | Sunday | Crimson House | 219 N. Orange St | NSB, Fl | 4pm- 7pm 

Booking Availability / Locations

When Paisley Moon is not in the studio recording, they rotate their performance seasons between the East Coast/Central Florida area during the months of December/January/May/June and the High Country of Western North Carolina during July & August. Best of both worlds!


Sound System:

Bose LI Tower and Bass cabinet. This is a low footprint, high fidelity sound system suitable for small to medium size venues.


Venue Suitability Scenarios:

Paisley Moon Trio is best suited for an early evening (between 6pm -11pm) or afternoon shows at restaurants, breweries, wineries, festivals, celebrations, art shows, and community events. Our music is geared to all ages. We are not a “loud” band and are happy to work with venues on providing volume levels and repertoires that can serve as either tasteful down-tempo music during prime dining times, or provide a crowd-pleasing upbeat concert with our more energetic tunes. 

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