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The Paisley Moon Trio's recipe for an eclectic, engaging musical experience includes signature feel good tunes we all know the words to from the 60’s - 90’s. Their repertoire includes timeless pop rock anthems, sprinkled with smooth easy listening songs.  Stir in a pinch of smoky, down-tempo neo-dream pop, briskly combine a handful of lively new wave favs,  and finish with a splash of bold coffeehouse originals. This group makes the most of their diverse backgrounds, extensive musical expertise, and creative inspiration


The trio draws on over four decades of recording and performance experience. Their shows include pumping backing tracks with bass/drums accompaniments recorded in their home studio in Boone, NC.  Paisley Moon tunes are danceable, romantic, and a delightful musical experience for all ages and audiences. The group comes with a low footprint, high fidelity Bose sound system suitable for small to medium size venues.

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